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Neighbors rescue woman from burning home in Renton

Neighbors pulled a woman from her burning home in Renton on Thursday evening.

Firefighters were called before 6 p.m. to the 11800 block of Southeast 157th Street, where they could see a column of smoke from 2 miles away.

When crews arrived, flames were seen shooting through the roof, fire officials said.

But before firefighters got there, two men made their way inside Carol’s home and helped to get her out because she could not escape on her own.

“I was waking up, and I saw the smoke and the person was calling and I answered,” said Carol. “But I could see the flames shooting off the back side of the house, through the roof. And then I noticed it started to smoke out more from this end and then the flames on the fence.”

“And the fire was so big and there was so much black smoke everywhere,” neighbor Tou Vang said.

Vang showed KIRO 7 video of the fire, and he said it was amazing to see neighbors trying to put out the fire themselves.

“They got the hose and I think I saw one of the family members with a cellphone calling 911 as well,” Vang said.

No one was injured, firefighters said.

The Red Cross is helping the family as they can’t return to their charred home.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Trump Himself Has Told Friends That Anti-Abortion Laws Are 'So Stupid' and That a Reversal of 'Roe' Would Hurt Republicans

Reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision striking down Roe v. Wade were swift on Friday morning from the likes of Mike Pence and other dyed-in-the-wool religious conservatives. But the man most responsible for this moment, Donald Trump, is reportedly less than pleased by this outcome behind closed doors.

Trump put out a public statement taking credit for the court’s decision Friday, calling it “the biggest WIN for LIFE in a generation,” and saying, this decision and others “were only made possible because I delivered everything as promised, including nominating and getting three highly respected and strong Constitutionalists confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.”

“It was my great honor to do so!” Trump added.

But the New York Times reports, via friends and close advisors, that Trump hasn’t been so keen on the idea of the court overturning Roe ever since Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion was leaked in early May. And in an interview with the Times last month, Trump even demurred when asked about his role in shaping this anti-Roe court, saying with wild irony, “I never like to take credit for anything.”

Reportedly, Trump has been whispering to those friends and advisors that this Supreme Court decision will be bad for the Republican Party, especially when it comes to suburban women — a demographic bloc seen as key to the election of Joe Biden.

Trump is nothing if not two-faced and opportunistic, so he’ll be crowing for months or years about how this was all his doing and how capital-G Great it is for America. But he’s no evangelical Christian, and abortion is hardly something one can imagine him caring deeply about — since he doesn’t really care deeply about anything except golf, Ivanka, hearing people chant his name, and maybe McDonald’s.

As the Times puts it, this decision only happened “after a thrice-married former Democrat from New York who had once supported abortion rights helped muscle through three Supreme Court justices.”

But Trump doesn’t care about strict Constitutionalism any more than he cares about cholesterol! It was just politically expedient for him to listen to the conservatives who had been eagerly praying for this day for decades, and not so secretly strategizing to create a majority on the court who’s sympathetic to their Christian conservative proclivities.

If the pendulum swings the other way now, and voters who know what a chaotic mess this decision creates begin defecting to more centrist, pro-choice candidates, wait and see how Trump tries to backpedal, or tries to forget this ever happened.

Photo: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia

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Protests to hit Seattle in response to Roe v. Wade overturning

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, leaving it up to states to pass bans on abortion.

The City of Seattle has responded with several protests being organized later today in response to the Supreme Court’s decision.

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

The Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) announced it will host a protest today at 5 p.m. at the Federal Building downtown, 915 2nd Ave.

“Our flyer argues that we cannot accept this unpopular attack from the Supreme Court, which is opposed by 69% of the population,” DSA said in a press release. “We can – and must – build a mass movement to defend and extend reproductive rights. Toward that end, our flyers and picket signs urge activists to pressure mass organizations, particularly Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March organization, and AFL-CIO, to use their authority to call a Million Person March on Washington in September.

“DSA on our own cannot call a Million Person March, but we can pressure bigger organizations to do this,” the organization’s press release continued.

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights is hosting a protest today at 5 p.m. as well, located at Westlake Park on 401 Pine St. A second protest will be held at the same time and place on Saturday as well. Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights is conducting protests across the nation in 16 cities.

Shout Your Abortion‘s (SYA) protest will be held at Yessler Terrace Park on 903 Yessler Way today at 5 p.m.

“SYA is normalizing abortion and elevating safe paths to access, regardless of legality,” the company said in a press release. “SYA makes resources, campaigns, and media intended to arm existing activists, create new ones, and foster collective participation in abortion access all over the country.”

In contrast to Rise Up 4 Abortion Right’s Satuday protest, Students For Life will host an anti-abortion rally tomorrow, Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Washington Capitol campus in Olympia (416 Sid Snyder Avenue).

“Our nation’s most egregious sin, one that cost more than 63 million innocent lives, has finally been righted,” Students For Life said in a press release. “It’s time to celebrate and buckle down to do more work.”

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Just Say No to Selling Juneteenth Products, Expert says


He says companies should constantly assess their messaging strategy and can afford to miss a day in sales to celebrate culture correctly.

When asked about companies who get it right, Martin cited Nike and Apple as coming closest, but adds that not many companies are consistent. And unless you’re being inclusive in your messaging all year long, it can look a little suspect if you only have Black people in your ads in February and the second weekend in June.


Martin says Bold Culture is here to change the game and make sure companies are taking a more wholistic approach to marketing. “The person creating your messaging should be able to reach people who don’t necessarily check all of the same boxes,” he says.

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Ex-Washington state employee pleads guilty to pandemic fraud

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A former employee of Washington state’s Employment Security Department pleaded guilty to three federal felonies for exploiting his employment for personal enrichment and fraudulently distributing at least $360,000 in pandemic-related unemployment benefits, prosecutors said.

Seattle U.S. Attorney Nick Brown said in a statement that Reyes De La Cruz, III, of Moses Lake, pleaded guilty Wednesday to crimes in U.S. District Court in Tacoma in which he personally enriched himself by at least $130,000.

De La Cruz, 48, was hired as an intake agent in 2020 to help the Employment Security Department deal with the crush of filings for pandemic unemployment benefits. De La Cruz had previously worked for the department from 1996 to 2003.

From July 2020 into March 2021, De La Cruz used his access to the claims database to defraud the benefits system. At least ten times, De La Cruz accepted bribes in exchange for engineering benefit payments for people by making false entries in the claims database. In many cases, the person did not qualify for benefits.

He also filed claims using other people’s personal information without authorization and had the benefits paid to debit cards mailed to himself. The Employment Security Department uncovered evidence of the fraud.

De La Cruz remains in federal custody. Under the plea agreement, De La Cruz faces around six years in prison.

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The Knicks Are Proud Of Their Confusing, Crummy Draft Night

The New York Knicks, a bad basketball team without many good players, could have used the 11th pick in the 2022 Draft to select someone who might turn out to be a good player. That would’ve been a satisfying end to the evening, or at least one that preserved some delusional hope. A couple options on the board at pick No. 11 would’ve have met their many needs. Those needs remain unmet.

Trading down a few spots to pick up someone they liked would’ve been fine. Jalen Williams is an intriguing guard with size and vision; AJ Griffin would’ve juiced their pathetic shooting; various bigs could have compensated for Mitchell Robinson’s failure to launch. That didn’t end up happening, either. Alternatively, the Knicks could have made a move up for someone else they liked; several reports suggested that they were trying to pry Jaden Ivey from Detroit. But they didn’t pull it off.

What happened, instead, were three trades, with an impressively boring and unsatisfying net result:

They lost the first-round pick and four seconds. They received three heavily protected future picks, at least one of which seems unlikely to ever convey, because the Wizards suck now and forever. They also moved off the expiring Kemba Walker contract that was surely moveable by less painful means. The reason they care about that extra cap space, anyway, is to make a play at Jalen Brunson, an admirable guard who’s played well alongside Luka Doncic and shooters in Dallas. Put him alongside Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, though, and I’m not sure what you get besides a lineup featuring the small, medium, and large version of a muscly guy who can barrel into poor spacing and generate inefficient offense. To top things off, it seems all too possible that Brunson will stay in Dallas, a conference finalist that can pay him more of than any other team could, with Mark Cuban happily footing the bill.

In sum, the Knicks spent draft night ditching their lottery pick to get off a small expiring deal, take in draft picks that may never convey, and clear up space for a man who may not sign with them, without another worthy target in free agency. If I spent Thursday evening doing that, I wouldn’t want to talk about it. I’d change the subject to something like the fine weather this Friday in New York City. Knicks president Leon Rose, however, is proud enough of his work to release a statement:

I’m not even mad that Rose called a flurry of wins against tanking or energy-conserving teams “momentum from the end of last season.” He can have that. But he’s sitting there counting up all the picks on his fingers and toes. On his piggly wigglies! C’mon, man. At least Sam Presti has the decency not to do this in public.

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Miniature Victorian House on a Tree Stump In Golden Gate Park Sparks Curiosity, Tweets

Someone put a cute little blue house on a tall tree stump in Golden Gate Park, and it’s becoming a mini attraction.

It doesn’t really need explanation — does it? But a miniature house appeared atop a 30-foot-high tree stump about six weeks ago, near the entrance to the park at 19th Avenue and Lincoln Way. And as KTVU reports, Rec & Parks Manager Phil Ginsburg told staff to leave it alone.

TV reports and social media attention have led to more social media attention. And that is all there is to this story. But rest assured San Francisco can still be cute and weird sometimes.

Top image: shivaunsay/Twitter